Friday, February 22, 2008

Another try!

Okay, since it's been forever since I posted a blog, I figured I'd better get to it and get busy. The main reason is because I couldn't remember my signin and password and didn't want to start a new acct. The other reason was just plain busy.

We're going to be getting into the running season again so that's something to look forward to. I was scheduled to run a 5K race tomorrow, but it was canceled due to the streets being covered with thick ice. I was looking forward to seeing my running friends since I haven't run with them all winter, but it looks like we may be trying to get together tomorrow night anyway just for fun.

I'll try to be more active in responding to my friend's blogs to...Dani, Kelley, Kathy(doesn't look like she's too active either, lol), Leslie and Trizilla.

Peace out!