Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Soooooo...I ran the Bix 7

The Bix 7 miler was a very fun race. Wayyyyy too many people for such a tight space, but my running friend and I had a good time splashing in all the puddles.

Downside?....Sunday after the race I felt great. No muscle soreness. Hamstrings felt a little tight but they've been tight for some time.

But wait? What about the NEXT day? Monday morning???? O.....My.....GOD!!!!! I couldn't even walk getting out of bed. Something was off. Hips...legs...something!!!
Put a call in to work...said in order for me to even function there, I was gonna have to get a chiropractic adjustment. the adjustment. Chiropractor said my hip was locked out. Go figure! Running back and forth from the sidewalk and the road and trying to run around slow people on Saturday had NOTHING to do with it. Right!

Was able to walk enough to get home. Decided to STILL not run. Went back Wed. for another adjustment. Felt just a tad better but it felt like someone was stabbing me in the ass. I decided to visit my ART Chiro. in Bettendorf, IA to see what he could do about my muscles. Come to find out.....I had a whole lot of nothing but scar tissue upon scar tissue in my right leg....mainly the hamstring. Hmmmm...maybe that's what my hamstrings had been trying to tell me for the last month now? Woke up Saturday morning with a full blown case of Sciatica....or so they tell me. Never had it until now.

So here I am icing....doing some nerve flossing(recommended by my ART chiro) and scheduled another appt. Seems I have some major imbalance issues. You don't say!!

Here I sit....not being able to run(huge bummer)...and the physical therapist says I shouldn't even walk for exercise until my feeling comes back fully in my right foot(right side of the foot is numb). The numbness is causing me to not be able to push off properly so I have a slight limp. Which if I walk through it...will cause even more scar tissue.

I don't have much pain anymore. Down to a 3 from an 8. Pain is now in my lower tailbone area. Not much pain from the sciatica...just the blessed numbness in my foot.

I have another appt. with my ART chiro Friday. We will see what he has to say. Hopefully, the sciatica will be a tad better. Not seeing any improvement so far.