Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's official! 1st Bix complete!

It was a learning experience to say the least. I have never seen so many people clogging up a small city street. Just looking up the Brady Street hill in the first mile was so cool. It looked like thousands of ants charging up a hill.

I was a little nervous upon awakening. Thunderstorms and rain all around us. Water over the roads on the way. I wasn't sure if it would even be pulled off.

It rained the whole race, which made me feel like a little kid again splashing in the puddles. Although it was more like streams after all the rain we had.

Any other race I would have taken the first mile at 8:30/mile. Well...this one....we were pretty close to fast walking speed. My friend and I decided to hit the sidewalks to get around all the people walking. The first 2 miles were basically zigzagging around everybody because it was so painful to be going so slow.

Around mile 3 we decided to find a portapotty. I could have waited but I thought, "What the hell, we're going nowhere anyway". So we waited in line for a portapotty to open up.

After the turn around between mile 3 and 4, the people were more spread out. Don't ask me why. I never did figure that out.

I was able to get free and just run comfortably even though it was totally uphill for two straight miles.

Best part of the race was the downhill on Brady Street heading back to the finish. Felt like I was flying.

Here's the comparison: First mile was 10:46, last mile was 7:02. You do the math!

Final chip time: 1:04:04.

Next year....get into the front of the yellow corral or get into orange.

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