Friday, June 03, 2011

From Grad Parties to Weddings!

So with several Graduation parties completed and several more to come.......I'm looking at my checkbook thinking.....hmmmmmm.....where's all our money going?

This has been ONE summer so far and it's just beginning. After all the graduation parties are finished, we start with all the weddings. We just got a "save the date" in the mail yesterday for yet one more! This is THE summer for weddings I guess. One of them being my 21 yr old(soon to be 22) son. So including that we have FIVE! I guess this is where we will be spending our money this summer. No vacations for us! :P

On a running note, ran and easy 3 1/2 with my good friend Rachel! I really thought it would be hotter this morning, but it was very nice out. I guess the hot temps are going to appear mid day. Mid 90's....YIKES!

Stay cool people!

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