Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last minute decision

I decided today after work that I would run my hometown's 5K race tonight. I didn't run Tuesday or Wednesday due to getting sick but I felt I was well enough to run this one. It's usually on Saturday morning, but due to a small turnout on a regular basis(Alumni Night at the Beer Tent on Friday night had alot to do with that), they decided to change the day. I was more than happy to run it tonight!

The course was most of the old route plus beginning and ending at the the football field. My time is always slower this race than any other for the summer, mostly in part, I think, to having a small part on an old, soft limestone trail and now this one ended on the same surface(old high school track with soft limestone surface). I felt like I was trying to get up speed at the end on a beach!

My goal going into this one was to get somewhere in the 25 minute range, even though my race two weeks ago was 24:17. I knew this course well. I ended up coming in at exactly 25 seconds....just 25 minutes. How's that for prediction?

What was so cool about this particular hometown 5k, two of my cousins and one wife ran it. All three of them have lost a considerable amount of weight. So much so, that I had to do a double take when I saw one! I was so proud of them all and for the huge turnout they had. It does my heart good to see so many people trying to stay healthy and fit!

Now, to rest up for my local 5K where I live now. The most challenging course of the summer, but somehow my time seems to be faster! Maybe it's all the competition!

Did I mention how happy I am to be back running and racing! Even though those damn 5K's hurt so much. I'd much rather be half or full marathoning!!! Slow and steady....that's me!

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Miss Organizized said...

Nice time!!! I haven't been in a 5K race in what feels like ages, and I'm curious to get back into it this summer! Get back into running for speed rather than slooooooooow distance :)