Monday, June 13, 2011

Raging Road Rally route

I thought I'd do the Raging Road Rally route for my tempo run. Probably not a smart move considering it's freakishly hilly. First mile isn't so bad. Most of that is downhill except for one steep uphill. I really need to map out the long ass hill to see how long it really is. I swear it looks like a half mile.

I was pretty happy with my time for my run considering I stopped after 2 1/2 miles to walk a bit. Did I mention the route kicked my ass? Maybe my body will thank me come June 25th when I actually have to RACE the course. I will take the challenge up 1 or 2 more times to see if I improve.

On a side note, the weather was fantabulous! Can't believe how cool and pleasant it was without steam radiating from my head/body. I wish it was this temperate all summer. On a negative note, my throat is starting to get scratchy which means usually the beginning of a sore throat. Arrghhh!

Total time for the 4 mile run was 35:34, but taking away the warmup and cooldown, the 3 miles in between that I was trying to turn into a tempo run was 25:34. Last time I did a tempo run on hills was 25:55. I think I see improvement?

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Claire said...

Sounds like improvement to me! Found you through Katies blog and am looking forward to reading!!