Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seriously lacking motivation

Here I sit.....getting on facebook....reading emails.....reading all kinds of things about upcoming races. When what I SHOULD be doing is out actually running.

It's been a busy day cleaning house, fixing up my flower beds and laundry.....but now I'm just making excuses.

I ran 6 miles yesterday. Was supposed to be a long tempo pace. I.E. 8:50/mi. But after Friday nights liquor cabinet raid with friends and the heat circa 12:30 p.m. Saturday....well, let's just say it wasn't pretty. Not HORRIBLE! Just not pretty.
Hey, I waited until 12:30 at least and slept in. Thank God for my miracle hangover cure of Advocare Rehydrate. I SWEAR by that stuff. Oh...and it's good for rehydration when running...mustn't forget why they invented it for real! :P

So after sticking to the easiest route I could find and cruising at a whopping 9:10/mi, (tongue in cheek intended), I finished and stripped off my now soaking clothes, changed into my swimsuit and cooled off in my sis in laws pool.

How come nobody ever talks about how hard it is to get a bathing suit on when one is dripping wet? What should have taken me 1 minute took me about 5. I found it getting stuck everywhere. Horrible memories of not being able to put all of my bathing suit on when I was five years old.....walking down to the next campsite where my mom was, with a towel draped around me.....and then my mom was kind enough to snap a picture for the memory books!!! yeay Did I mention I was the last born of 5 and got teased....alot? Must be why I have a great sense of humor!

Okay, I've stalled long enough.......I really need to at least get some running clothes on!


Andy said...

I've had a slight lack of motivation lately too.

On your question how to add PRs to your blog. Under the Dashboard, I used Design, and then Add a Gadget. Then added as Java/HTML script. You could also add as a Text box too which I think might be easier. Then you can just drag it to whichever side of the page you want it after you have saved it.

Miss Organizized said...

What is this Advocare Rehydrate you speak of? I'm intrigued ;) I literally just bought a little tub of Powerade powder and I'm going to try it out (vs Gatorade powder which is just aight for me.)

PS Nice job getting out there!! I probably would've taken a skip day! ;P

Lace Up And Run said...

Rehydrate is kind of the new Powerade/Gatorade. I never really liked the taste of either, but I figured I needed to add back some electrolytes after exercise. Well, after being introduced to Advocare Rehydrate, I seriously don't know how I functioned without it. Has WAYY more stuff in it that the body needs for recovery. If you want to read about it, go to my personal website of

Lace Up And Run said...

Thanks Andy! Got it on there but I'll have to play around with it...not sure I like how it looks!